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 Irish Slaves – In memory of the Irish victims of Slavery

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PostSubject: Irish Slaves – In memory of the Irish victims of Slavery   Sat Jul 06, 2013 11:14 pm

Irish Slaves – In memory of the Irish victims of Slavery.

President Jacques Chirac announced, last January, that France will hold a national day of remembrance for the victims of slavery every 10 May. The date for the annual holiday was chosen as it marks the day in 2001 when France passed a law recognising slavery as a crime against humanity. He said children should be taught about slavery at primary and secondary school as part of the national curriculum. “Slavery fed racism,” he said. “When people tried to justify the unjustifiable, that was when the first racist theories were elaborated.” This also applies to Ireland, in that there were many Irish Slaves, though this is not well known.

Given that tens of thousands of Irish slaves were shipped into slavery, isnt it strange that Ireland has no day remembering them? I dont know of a single monument to the victims of slavery in Ireland. Perhaps someone can let me know if they know of one. As far as I know, even the Republican Movement fails to commemorate the tens of thousands of innocents sold into slavery from Ireland. Many of the women and children into sex slavery.

The following extract gives an idea of the colossal scale of the slave trade from Ireland. No doubt this post will be met by the usual chorus of deniers wishing we could keep quite about this – but lets just ignore them. I think some remembrance should be made of these unfortunate people. The event could be linked with the fight against slavery in the world today. Does anyone have suggestions?

Read article here

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Irish Slaves – In memory of the Irish victims of Slavery
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