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 Statement on Louisiana Officials' Misrepresentation of BP's Record

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PostSubject: Statement on Louisiana Officials' Misrepresentation of BP's Record   Thu Aug 29, 2013 10:22 pm

Statement on Louisiana Officials' Misrepresentation of BP's Record

After reviewing Gov. Jindal’s comments yesterday, BP Vice President & Head of US Communications Geoff Morrell issued the following statement:

Governor Jindal and his aide Garret Graves have completely misrepresented BP's record in the Gulf as well as the legal framework under which further funding related to the Deepwater Horizon accident would become available. Their political grandstanding contains patently false assertions, defies the demonstrated record of environmental recovery that has occurred across the Gulf, and defames the massive efforts of tens of thousands of people to foster prompt recovery and restoration. Not that BP or anyone else should be surprised – these recent comments are their latest in a series of over-the-top statements and overblown demands since the accident.

Here are the facts:

First, BP has to date spent more than $26 billion to help restore the Gulf. This amount includes more than $14 billion on the response and for clean-up, and more than $11 billion on over 300,000 claims paid to individuals, businesses and government entities.

Second, suggestions by Governor Jindal and Mr. Graves that BP is dragging its feet with respect to Clean Water Act and natural resource damages payments conveniently ignore that the law provides for these amounts to be determined through the judicial and regulatory process – to which BP is subject – not their own political whim.

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Statement on Louisiana Officials' Misrepresentation of BP's Record
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