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 91-year-old veteran brings audience to tears

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PostSubject: 91-year-old veteran brings audience to tears   Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:33 pm

91-year-old veteran brings audience to tears as he explains the importance of National Health Care.

Back in September, England's Labour Party held their political conference in Manchester. The highlight was a rousing speech made by World War II Veteran Harry Smith. He explained what the world was like before the formation of the National Health Service (NHS). His speech brought many in the audience to tears and for good reason—Mr. Smith's speech is an argument made from the purest cloth. It is something that most Americans already understand, and many of our representatives and those in the traditional media do not get: a national health care program is about human progress, not about money. Below is a transcript of the speech. Below the fold is the video. (Have tissue ready).

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91-year-old veteran brings audience to tears
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