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 new well control and blowout preventer mandates

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PostSubject: new well control and blowout preventer mandates   Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:05 am

Five years after Gulf disaster, feds ready new well control and blowout preventer mandates.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is poised to detail new requirements for controlling offshore wells, nearly five years after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill vividly illustrated the damage that can be unleashed when they are not kept in check.

While the oil industry may bristle at some of the proposed mandates, the long shadow cast by the Deepwater Horizon disaster likely will force officials to temper their criticism.

There were signs of that approach Thursday, as the leaders of three major industry trade groups touted the safety improvements the sector has voluntarily made since the spill, with at least one going so far as to endorse more regulation that helps keep oil companies and drilling contractors at the top of their game.

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new well control and blowout preventer mandates
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