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 Syrian refugees

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PostSubject: Syrian refugees    Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:43 pm

The US is so paranoid about Syrian refugees that it’s letting barely any in.

Refugees aren't just slipping into the US. Screening takes two years, and it's nearly impossible for people to pass.
Updated by Dara Lind on November 16, 2015,

Outright refusal to allow Syrian refugees into the US is gaining steam among Republicans. Republican presidential candidates are calling to limit immigration to only Christian refugees (or to end it entirely), and several Republican governors are now openly refusing to allow any Syrian refugees to resettle in their states.

The rationale is that the US isn't doing enough to screen refugees before they enter the country — running the risk of ISIS infiltration. But it's bitterly, tragically ironic that this idea is gaining momentum right now. The sad truth is that the US's insistence on screening Syrian refugees carefully, and its almost paranoid aversion to admitting anyone whose family might have had any form of contact with any extremist group at any point, created a bottleneck that for years prevented nearly any Syrian refugee from coming to the US. The federal government has just, in 2015, started devoting enough resources to screening refugees who've fled Syria to start allowing them to come into the country in any numbers at all.

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Syrian refugees
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