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 Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk

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Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk Empty
PostSubject: Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk   Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk Icon_minitimeSun May 01, 2016 5:29 pm

Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is the name given to a group of minerals that occur naturally in the environment as bundles of fibers that can be separated into thin, durable threads. These fibers are resistant to heat, fire, and chemicals and do not conduct electricity. For these reasons, asbestos has been used widely in many industries.

Chemically, asbestos minerals are silicate compounds, meaning they contain atoms of silicon and oxygen in their molecular structure.

Asbestos minerals are divided into two major groups: Serpentine asbestos and amphibole asbestos. Serpentine asbestos includes the mineral chrysotile, which has long, curly fibers that can be woven. Chrysotile asbestos is the form that has been used most widely in commercial applications. Amphibole asbestos includes the minerals actinolite, tremolite, anthophyllite, crocidolite, and amosite. Amphibole asbestos has straight, needle-like fibers that are more brittle than those of serpentine asbestos and are more limited in their ability to be fabricated (1, 2).

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Asbestos Exposure and Cancer Risk
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