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 Tribute to Jigme Norbu

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PostSubject: Tribute to Jigme Norbu   Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:02 pm

Posted by WalkForTibet in Walk For Tibet - Florida 2011

Dear Friends,

We had a magical first Walk for Tibet day through St. Augustine, Florida yesterday. A lovely group of new friends & supporters had gathered to offer help and energy to the cause. Some joined us walking the first few miles. Then I went ahead in the support van, scouting what was ahead. Jigme & elder Wangchuk walked all day until Wangchuk couldn’t do more. Jigme insisted to finish another 2 miles on his own, in the growing dark, even though we asked him not to. “For the cause”, he said, as he always did, and refused to get in the car. So we went ahead to greet the next group of supporters and wait for him.

We got the call from a Trooper- “Your friend has been struck by a vehicle and He is deceased.” Yes, who could believe it. So Wangchuk & I are now at the home of a lovely couple in St. Augustine while we wait to support Jigme’s family, then decide what we need to do. The word is spreading and I have contacts from the press around the world wanting a story, and other Tibetans wanting to take Jigme’s place and continue the walk. Not sure yet what we will do, but likely continue the Walk from tomorrow in some fashion. We are just sad that the press was more interested in the story only when it involved this type of tragedy, rather than the on-going tragedy of what is happening inside Tibet.

Thank you for your prayers for Jigme and his family. Such a loss for so many people who knew and loved him personally, as well as for the larger cause to which he was gearing up to give more of his time and effort. Living epically comes at a price. Sorry it was so soon for Jigme, who was just coming into his prime.

His message would be to “be kind to each other, bring peace with your presence, claim your freedom and use it for good, and please support Tibetans to return to a peaceful life of dignity and independence.”

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Tribute to Jigme Norbu
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