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 Solar systems for your home.

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PostSubject: Solar systems for your home.   Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:50 am

Making a small or large solar panel system for a home power energy system will save you money, save the environment, reduce toxin carbon gases and power your house with free solar electricity. The solar hot water act specifies some of the regulations and rules you need to follow while installing a solar power system for your home.

By using the sun’s energy to harness electricity for your house, you are also helping to protect the environment. Solar energy is renewable and converting it releases no toxic emissions into our environment. The energy from sun has already been researched and studied by scientist for many years. Solar panels sold by the retailers cost thousands of dollars when you can simply make your own solar panels for less than your monthly electricity bill.

You will see tremendous benefits when you get your very own solar power systems to power your home appliances. You soon will see your energy bills reduced by at least 80 percent, almost the moment you put your solar power systems to use. The greatest demand for power is between 4pm through to 7pm when dinner cooking and heating water is at its premium. It’s the time when solar panels are not producing any or very little power.

During the day the solar panels produce the electricity that runs the house when the demand load is small and if your power system is larger than the electricity you are using, you then put power back into the grid earning you power credits that come off your power bill. Solar power systems can be built with easier obtainable materials that can be found at any local hardware store.
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PostSubject: Re: Solar systems for your home.   Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:47 pm

My cousin up in Ohio had some solar stuff built into his house.

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Solar systems for your home.
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