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 Underwater Kites

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PostSubject: Underwater Kites   Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:17 am

In the world of clean energy, kites have have become a big deal. Recent advances in technology have lifted ideas like high-altitude wind turbine kites, parakite farms and ship-towing kites off the ground and made them a viable, wind-powered option as clean energy sources. Kites can harness more than just the wind, though.

It was just last year that we covered a story about kites flying under the sea to harness tidal energy. Now, Minesto, the company behind that under-sea kite project called "Deep Green," has announced they've received over $560,000 from The Carbon Trust to dive forward with deploying a prototype of their technology. If their trial is successful, it could lead to a large-scale implementation of underwater kites around the UK coastline that the company says would generate enough juice (530 GWh) to power all of the homes in a city the size of Newcastle (population 189,863) by 2020.

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Underwater Kites
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