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 The BLOODHOUND project

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PostSubject: The BLOODHOUND project   Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:56 pm

Project Director Richard Noble and his team are building a car that will go zero to 1,050 miles per hour (mph) in 40 seconds. Named after Britain’s 1950s Bloodhound Missile Project, the Bloodhound Supersonic Car (SSC) car is 12.8 meters long, weighs 6.4 tons, and cruises on high grade aluminum wheels, which will experience radial stresses of up to 50,000 times the force of gravity at full speed.


The track, on the Hakskeen Pan desert in the remote North West corner of South Africa, must be cleared because a stone flung up by the front wheels at 1000mph could punch a hole in the car's thin alloy bodywork or severely damage one of its four solid aluminium wheels. And you don't want that to happen at supersonic speeds.

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The BLOODHOUND project
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