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 Fracking Operations Run Roughshod

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PostSubject: Fracking Operations Run Roughshod   Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:09 pm

Fracking Operations Run Roughshod over Pennsylvania Homeowners

by Frances Beinecke

On a recent trip to western Pennsylvania, I visited a man who lived along a leafy country road. He showed me around the house he had built for his wife and three sons and said he wanted to raise his family in a quiet rural area. He thought he had the perfect spot until an energy company showed up on his property and said it had the rights to drill for natural gas beneath his land. Although he owned his land and home -- and paid taxes on them -- he could not protect his property from a drill pad, wells and a pipeline he did not want.

Soon tractor trailers began delivering compressors the size of shipping containers, tanker trucks hauled in fracking chemicals, and workers built an industrial drill pad near his house. The last straw came when the company hired security guards to patrol the area -- and stationed them right in the middle of the family's yard.

There was nothing the man could do to stop them.

Every affected family that I met with in western Pennsylvania said they felt displaced on their own property after natural gas companies muscled their way into backyards and fields. Existing health or environmental safeguards are too weak, and poorly enforced. Instead, gas companies are allowed to run roughshod over homeowners and their communities.

Read the Article Here

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Fracking Operations Run Roughshod
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