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 Exxon Details Health Impacts of Crude Oil Exposure

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PostSubject: Exxon Details Health Impacts of Crude Oil Exposure   Sat Apr 13, 2013 10:06 pm

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Environmental Protection Agency released documents provided by Exxon that detail exactly what's inside the crude oil that spilled into a Mayflower subdivision. It's important to note this information is provided by Exxon. It does not appear the oil has been independently tested.

In the paperwork provided to the EPA, Exxon says the oil that spilled into the neighborhood is comprised of crude oil, hydrocarbon diluent, benzene, and hydrogen sulphide.

When it comes to safety and health hazards, the paperwork says casual exposure may "cause irritation of eyes, nose and throat, dizziness and drowsiness. Contact with skin may cause irritation and possibly dermatitis. Contact of liquid with eyes may cause severe irritation/burns."

Long-term exposure outlines more significant health hazards: "due to presence of benzene, long term exposure may increase the risk of anemia and leukemia. Repeated skin contact may increase the risk of skin cancer."

The paperwork also notes possible impacts in the categories of carcinogenicity,reproductive effects, teratogenicity and mutagenicity.

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Exxon Details Health Impacts of Crude Oil Exposure
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